Power Your Event with Confidence Using Our Reliable Power Generators!

At Space Productions LA, we prioritize seamless power supply to ensure your event runs without a hitch. Our robust generators and efficient distribution systems guarantee a steady and uninterrupted power flow throughout your event.

Discover the Power of Reliability:

Count on our top-of-the-line generators designed to deliver a reliable power source for all your event needs. We provide generators that cater to various event scales, ensuring a consistent power supply regardless of your event’s size.

Our meticulous distribution systems are engineered for efficiency, ensuring the generated power reaches every corner of your event space without any disruptions. We prioritize a seamless distribution to power all your equipment and setups flawlessly.

We understand the critical role of power in your event’s success. With Space Productions LA, rest assured of a reliable power solution that keeps your event running smoothly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Generator Sizes Vary From 

Honda 2000i to 

45 kVa 

70 kVa

150 kVa & Larger all Studio Silent Generators and all cabling and power distribution

Empower your event with a reliable power source. Reach out to us today and let’s ensure a seamless power experience for your event!

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